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ZenSati Angel XLR Digital [demo]

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This XLR product is an old version of ZenSati Angel
(1 piece of XLR cable)

Plugs: Copper

Conductor: Twisted-copper

ZenSati Angel

With its unique construction philosophy, ZenSati Angel allows the full beauty of your individual audio components and your system as a whole to shine through and live up to their true potential.

ZenSati Angel is created for the audio enthusiast who desires exclusive design combined with the most engaging musical experience available from the current state of audio engineering. The astonishing full copper look of ZenSati Angel is a fine visual reflection of the advanced materials technology employed in the construction of the cables. Through creative thinking in the application of sophisticated manufacturing principles and innovative materials selection, ZenSati Angel conveys the harmonic integrity and the emotion of the recording, as originally conceived and intended by the artist.

Through decades of extensive research and development experience, we have accumulated a deep understanding of all aspects of materials technology in cable design. Consisting of a single, balanced copper conductor, ZenSati Angel cables transport electrons with utter neutrality. This is only a tiny fraction of the secret behind the groundbreaking performance of ZenSati cables.

The guardian ZenSati Angel will complement and enhance the performance of even the finest audiophile system.


ZenSati Angel