ZenSati #1

Zensati #1 represents the most highly evolved approach to music reproduction in the world. 

very finest materials

ZenSati # 1

We employ only exceptional materials to make ZenSati #1 the ultimate cable, the result of an ongoing, progressive research and development process. Only the very finest materials were deemed worthy of this series.
The unique construction of this cable, based on innovative research and respected principles, ensures ideal signal transmission from amplifier to loudspeaker. The conductive materials undergo extensive treatment down to the very last detail to meet ZenSati’ demanding requirements. The conductor’s core is a specially selected copper plated with the finest gold. ZenSati #1 is as close to the perfect conductor for music reproduction as the current state of the metallurgic arts permits and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

ZenSati # 1

Tonal neutrality has been a watchword in its development, so that the tone of an instrument is not only recognisable, but also of the correct duration and in proper phase. Because these critical properties can only be verified by the human ear, several musicians have been involved in the development of the series with phase response, lightning-fast transient response and harmonic integrity as high priorities.
To ensure optimal connection and signal transfer, we crimp connection points and reinforce them with tin silver solder. Our experience with laser-welded termination is that it is a hit-and-miss process and even when successful, it is of minimal benefit. In addition, we have developed a proprietary method of making the most direct possible contact to the connector, eliminating any distortion.

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