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ZenSati #3 XLR [demo]

1,750.00 3,850.00  EX. VAT

A set of XLR. This XLR product is a demo version of ZenSati #3.
(2 pieces of XLR cable per set)

ZenSati #3

The entire ZenSati #3 series lives up to the highest design principles for the reproduction of music. 

At an affordable price, we employ the best isolation materials and the same high standard of construction and conductor materials as in every ZenSati product. This cable represents the best buy for the budget-conscious music lover with unrivalled clarity and neutrality to the fore.

To ensure optimal connection and signal transfer, we crimp connection points and reinforce them with tin silver solder. Our experience with laser-welded termination is that it is a hit-and-miss process and even when successful, it is of minimal benefit. In addition, we have developed a proprietary method of making the most direct possible contact to the connector, eliminating any distortion.

Furthermore, our comprehensive materials research has revealed the value of not using a pure silver conductor, as it does not provide an optimal path for the signal. A combination of the purest copper plated with a solid layer of pure silver in the proper proportions ensures ideal conditions for unimpeded signal transmission.

Assembly of conductor and insulation is carried out under controlled conditions using precision machinery calibrated to extremely tight tolerances. This is just part of the secret behind the groundbreaking performance of ZenSati cables.


ZenSati #3