Mark Johansen

Mark Johansen’s strong determination to create ultra High End audio products, was a patient, protracted development process, which has resulted in cables with unimpeded signal transmission and the utmost respect for the written and unwritten rules of the world of music.

“One of the most exclusive and highest quality brands in the world.”

– HiFi Live magazine

Since I was a boy

Mark Johansen’s childhood was an active musical environment, leading him to master the piano, flute and guitar. Not only was he intrigued by the music itself, but from the humble age of 9, Mark Johansen explored audio technology as a hobby, side by side with his dad as a mentor.

Over several years as an audiophile, Mark Johansen discovered that the essential, natural, realistic qualities of music were often lost in transition, due largely to cable manufacturers’ flagrant disregard for musical rules. The strong backbone of even the best audio setup, was not provided by the audio cables the market offered. Luckily, it served as a source of inspiration for Mark Johansen and his determination to create ultra High End audio cables began.

Today, Mark Johansen develops his own unique, sensational range of fast and neutral cables with absolutely no sonic signature of their own. This is an essential feature for any serious audiophile, made possible by Mark Johansen through meticulous care, intensive listening sessions, and by exploring every imaginable musical style in a broad spectrum of the finest home audio systems. Consequently, ZenSati cables have earned a reputation as the ideal connection for High End components.

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If you desire to listen,
understand and enjoy the world of music,
just as much as I do, then consider this:



“Every Moment have a Momentum…”

“For many of us the ability to listen, understand and enjoy the world of music, is an important part of life. To some of us music is a vital part of life. To me, music is power and inspiration and, depending on the type and quality of music, my full emotional spectrum is evoked. When you sense the sound and resonance of the room, details such as the breath of the performers, the acoustics of the hall and many other essential musical subtleties, you indeed have a gift to cherish. The true gift of music. The sonic prowess of audio cables makes a major contribution to the overall experience of the sense of wholeness in music listening.”

– Mark Johansen

The Gift of Music

To distinguish between good and poor playback, we need to exercise our ears, mind and body by simply listening. We can only achieve this reference by attending live music performances or by performing ourselves. Not only has Mark Johansen built up his personal reference by playing various instrument himself, but also by satisfying an untiring desire to visit concert halls and opera houses. The result is a range of breakthrough, world-class audio cables that enhance your musical adventures, allowing new insight into music. With maximum respect and fidelity to each recording, ZenSati cables allow you to easily discern micro-details, such as the breath of the performers, the acoustics of the hall and many other essential musical subtleties.

The aim for me is to offer and deliver high endcable solutions for the audio industry with no lag, loss or distortion.

Why ZenSati?

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