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We are proving to the World of Audio that we are the best audio cable in the world. Audiophiles from different part of the world prefers to use the ZenSati cables for ultimate listening experience.
To prove that, a lot of great audiophile reviews had been written to say how ZenSati cables changes their listening experience to the next level. The founder and designer of the cable Mark Johansen, also an audiophile, strives for the ultimate tonal balance of audio transfer to the speaker, which speaks the ZenSati mantra, neutrality, speed and musicality.
You can read the most reviews of our different cable lines at the “Review” page link to their webpage.
Proven to be as one of the best product in the Audio world, the ZenSati sILENzIO had won an award at Australian’s Magazine SOUNDSTAGE! as “Product of the Year 2018”.

ZenSati Zorro

Featured at biggest Asians Magazine AUDIOTECHNIQUE


“These ZenSati sILENzIO are one of the best cables that I have tried”

hifilivemagazine.com · SPAIN
“Over the last year and a half I have run three cabling test benches that we could qualify as “earthy” if we consider only their price. Some were the entry level ZenSati Zorro model, others the Kimber with their relatively new Karbon Series and the fantastic Analysis Plus with their Silver Apex. All of them having in common that they have prices that are not democratic (since they cost good money), yes at least not absolutely elitist. The tests of all of them surprised me (each one for very different aspects), but from all of them I was able to…”

“it allows your electronics and speakers to project a clearer, sweeter and purer top-end, a tighter and more nuanced bass, dynamic quickness, a wider, taller, deeper soundstage”

www.soundstageaustralia.com · AUSTRALIA
“For quite some time prior to this review of the new sILENzIO über cables from Danish manufacturer ZenSati, I had been using as part of my reference system the superb flagship Seraphim cables. These unusual cable designs of multiple air-suspended twisted gold…”

“ZenSati’s cables have evolved over the years with the goal of achieving an ideal connection between high fidelity audio components”

www.enjoythemusic.com · USA
“ZenSati has over forty years’ experience within the field of audio and music, with Mark Johansen creating the company ZenSati to develop a range of world-class audio cables and accessories. ZenSati’s cables have evolved over the years with the goal of achieving an ideal connection between high fidelity audio components. With a patented design and development process, the resulting cables aim to produce an unimpeded signal transmission. The end result is to produce what they feel is the ultimate in cable design and technology.
Seen here is designer Mark Johansen showcasing their new sILENzIO power cable (€50,000 for three meter speaker cable version). Mark is proudly holding these and they’re busy updating their website so we look forward to learning more about the details and construction. ZenSati Angle Mini is another cable offered by the company and starting price is at €2000 per set for these analog…”

“What is their greatest strength, then, is calming down, a kind of “harmonization” of basically any set that suddenly plays without effects, relaxed and at the same time definitely not impoverished.”

www.hifi-voice.com · CZECH REPUBLIC
“The Danish Mark Johansen has been seen in music for a long time, he says that he was already a boy. He also says that in order to fully appreciate the power and quality of reproduced music (specifically recordings and strings), we must refine our senses and mind…”

“The appearance alone is extremely beautiful and noble. Before the formal listening, there is no love before the tune, how can you not be intoxicated!”

hifireview.com.hk · HONGKONG
ZenSati Zorro speaker cable: graceful and youthful
Before I heard the Danish ZenSati, I had infinitely longed for the fever line of this aristocratic brand, because the thin conductor folio (flat ribbon twist) under the transparent coat of its high-end model was brilliant, and the silver light shone, plus the exquisite and …”

“The result is a wonderfully pure, natural sound quality. For the ZenSati line is the combination of cutting-edge technology. A well-researched development in metallurgy. Is the most complete electrical signal”

www.thewave-online.com · THAILAND
I don’t know the reason for the name of the brand because it has its own mystery and charm. But it is considered quite appropriate When going back to the beginning It was found that this brand line was designed by Mark Johansen with over forty years of experience …”

“ZenSati ApS have World Premier on a new 10 years anniversary exotic cable line by the High End 2019, Audio Show in Munich”

www.monoandstereo.com · SLOVENIA
“ZenSati #X is based and created on all the best results we had during the years from 2009 to 2019 and combined with high-tech. All still hand assembled. The new statement ZenSati #X is more mechanicaly damped than ZenSati sILENzIO and more open than ZenSati Seraphim. As in first version of ZenSati #1 we use cotton around the conductor, and the conductor is our own gold plated design. By calling our new line #X we also emphasize the …”

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“As I have been a “Cable freak” for years, this was gratefully accepted. A little research brought me to the designer MARK JOHANSEN audiophile and music lover a la lettre, which strives for ultimate neutrality with its cable designs, this is its mantra ! The ZenSati impresses with speed and crystal clear signal transfer. The cable transports signals unhindered and without influence, so that every genre of amplifier or loudspeaker is lifted up to unprecedented heights and pleasant surprises.”
www.monoandstereo.com · SLOVENIA
“With over forty years of experience in audio and music, Mark Johansen has created and developed a range of world-class, groundbreaking audio cables to enhance your musical adventures. With fastidious attention to detail, the company explores every imaginable style of music in a wide range of the best high-end audio systems. A patient, lengthy development process has resulted in cables with unrestrained signal transmission.”
www.hifiplus.com · UK
“Danish cable expert ZenSati is one of those cable brands that pitches itself firmly in the highest of high-end positions. This brand is very much at the Rolls-Royce level in audio, both in price and performance.”
www.6moons.com · USA
“So tonally, there were no fireworks, no bombastic high-flying acrobatics, just neutral conduits for my electronics and speakers to show their mettle. This is the ‘do no harm’ edict at its purest.”
www.audioreference.co.uk · UK
“You should be able to experience the tonality and relative placement of voices and instruments clearly and without doubt. You should be transported across time and space as an eyewitness to the original musical event. The many facets that the world of music has to offer the ear – refreshing, exciting, enchanting need to be fully intact.”
www.absolutehifi.com.au · UK
“ZenSati cable impress with their speed and crystal clear signal transfer. ZenSati cables connect CD turntable , with the preamplifier , the power amplifier and the speakers and every music lover simply enjoying the music. ZenSati cables connect us from the microphone to the speaker with music and give us true musical experiences because ZenSati cable signals transported unhindered and uninfluenced. Every genre, every age , every sound system , each speaker benefits from the neutrality of ZenSati cable and connects us.”
www.hifilivemagazine.com · UK
“This premise fully coincides with the philosophy of the Danish firm ZenSati, which has spent years developing a super fast and neutral cable that does not offer any sound signature. An important feature for experienced audiophiles and high quality systems that do not need to correct or equalize the sound with cables.”
www.piyanaselectric.com · THAILAND
“If you look back If you Chaiwat He didn’t meet Zensati and was so fascinated by each other. Including not continuing the will that arises from the doubt Today we may not have a cable and a good speaker cable. This brand provides home audio players with a truly immersive experience. Beyond the edge. Take a chance to try it once. And you will answer for yourself that Why were my staff and I so excited and shocked by the quality of Zensati’s sound.”
www.audioreference.co.uk · UK
“ZenSati cables impress with their speed and crystal clear signal transfer. Their cables will connect the CD player or turntable with the pre-amplifier, power amplifier and hence to the speakers enabling the music lover to enjoy the music in a way never heard before.”