Connecting Music

Connecting Music

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The Legend

Mark Johansen had audio as hobby since he was only 9 years old boy. He grew up with music around him, learned to play piano, flute and guitar.
Today, as an audio cable developer, Mark Johansen has in recent years worked on developing his own unique super fast and neutral cable product that does not deliver signature. An important feature when serious audiophiles today do not need to correct audio with cables. 
Another very important feature that only ZenSati cables have is that they let the electrons work freely in a dialectrium of pure air and do not use plastic (PVC) as insulation. Features like this mean that the transport of signals in ZenSati audio and power cables is intact and can transport the signal over long distances. The consequence of this is that all overtones and undertones are clearly played and the music really feels real with ZenSati cables, even though they are cable lengths of 10, 20 and 30m, which turns out to be so important for serious home cinema. 
The name “ZenSati” is 2 compound old Asian words. Zen means “strong knowledge” while Sati means “truthfulness”. The company ZenSati ApS supplies a product that is born of strong knowledge around their High Tech products and that it is truthful. 
Mark Johansen has in 2019 ten years anniversary with the cable development company ZenSati ApS.
Have you ever tried to grapple with a sports car in a thrilling ride on a perfectly level track on a beautiful, clear day with plenty of space and the best curves? Have you ever had the sheer unalloyed pleasure of driving your dream car? You shift into fifth gear.

Everything is just right.

You shift into sixth gear for an exhilarating experience and to your amazement, there is also a smooth seventh gear just waiting to kick in. Shouldn’t listening to music be that kind of experience? Refreshing, exciting, enchanting with all the many facets that the world of music has to offer the ear wholly intact. You should be able to experience the tonality and relative placement of voices and instruments clearly and unequivocally.

Connecting Music

With meticulous care, intensive listening sessions that explore every imaginable musical style in a broad spectrum of the finest home audio systems, ZenSati cables evolved as the ideal connection between High End components.
 A patient, protracted development process has resulted in cables with unimpeded signal transmission and the utmost respect for the written and unwritten rules of the world of music.
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About us

ZenSati cables are remarkable for their speed and crystal clear signal transport. In order to achieve these ambitious objectives, only the very finest materials were sourced for their construction. Silver, gold, copper, rhodium, Teflon, silk, cotton and many other costly materials have been specified for audible performance as well as long-term reliability. For cable termination, the exclusive parts were selected and our own developed plugs. Since 2009 we have worked on to produce our own design of conductor and plugs.

ZenSati listening experience

ZenSati cables connect CD or turntable , with the preamplifier, the power amplifier and the speakers and every music lover simply enjoying the music. ZenSati cables connect us from the microphone to the speaker with music and give us true musical experiences because ZenSati cable signals transported unhindered and uninfluenced. Every genre, every age, every sound system, each speaker benefits from the neutrality of ZenSati cable and connects us.




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We invite everyone to contact us or our distributors to get acquaintanced with ZenSati cables, for in this way to be able to experience a new insight into replication of music.
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