Designed to convey music with even greater purity, ZenSati Seraphim delivers an effortlessly dynamic and glorious transparency, mated with an almost addictive bass depth and clarity.

very finest materials


A mesmerizing golden design combined with a unique construction philosophy, distinguishes ZenSati Seraphim from the conventional perception of ultra high end cable designs. The carefully conceived design has a profound impact on smooth and even musical performance. The basic construction ensures signal transmission with an optimal environment for exceptional performance in response time, with no loss of dynamic range, micro details or tonal depth. Experience glorious transparency and an engaging musicality, worthy of any audio enthusiast’s system.


Only reliable and exclusive materials are worthy of ZenSati Seraphim, consisting of copper conductor, plated with a layer of pure gold. ZenSati Seraphim offers a truly neutral musical experience with effortless, engrossing instrumental timbre and unimpeded, natural flow.
In addition, we take advantage of direct crimping techniques that ensure closed connection points, while eliminating any distortion. The Guardian ZenSati Seraphim possesses a universal synergy that will match all ultra high end electronics and loudspeakers.


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