Cable Construction Philosophy

The conductor in an audio system is a passive device. It must respond to fast signal transmission, while altering none of the acoustic properties of the signal.
The amount of conductor insulation, pure air flow, cable isolation, quality of materials and shielding techniques all play essential roles in developing optimal cable construction and the ideal environment for the electrons to work in. Our cable construction provides clear and neutral signal transmission across virtually any distance, with no loss of over- or undertones.
Whether you are seeking cables for home theater, stereo audio, live performance or recording, ZenSati offers the ultimate solution. Our cable construction ensures the finest signal transmission, for outstanding performance and quick response.
ZenSati’s singular determination to create the best audio cables in the world is the result of extensive exploration carried out over many years. Our research and development experience has created a solid foundation for our unique philosophy in cable construction, consisting of three essential concepts: Neutrality, Speed and, Musicality.



Neutrality means that cables place no signature of their own on the audio and respect the fidelity of the musical content of the recordings. Without proper design and correct materials selection, the sonic signature of the cables employed will interfere with the audio recording.
Achieving a neutral zone, is therefore a delicate process that requires broad experience, knowledge and precision in both construction and materials selection. With our unique philosophy and extensive knowledge of materials, all ZenSati cables allow the electrons to work freely in a dialectricum of pure air, without compressing the electrons. This is one of the properties which contributes to undisturbed signal transmission without any length restrictions.
All ZenSati cables are transparent and offer an accurate transfer of the acoustic characteristics of the musical event from input terminal to output terminal. The ability to add no signature to the audio extends to all frequencies of the sound spectrum, without dynamic loss, preserving perfect tonal balance.


Velocity and stop frequency are essential factors for all cables. The faster the cable is, the faster it returns to its resting position, ready for new input. All this happens in mere milliseconds and constitutes what we call speed in our cable concept.
A system without fast cables, capable of instant acceleration and split-second response, cannot recognize the right tones and micro details in the recording of instruments.
All ZenSati cables are designed to deliver the greatest alacrity in response time, to ensure impeccable musical tempo, preserving the harmonic integrity of the recording.


Every musical instrument provides a wide range of over- and undertones. Without variety in instrumental tone, all notes would sound identical. It is therefore essential to employ a cable system with sufficient speed and detail to expose and preserve every under- and overtone, regardless of the instrument in the recording. Imagine appropriate presence and musical depth, capable of revealing micro-detail all the way down to the subtlest attack of fingers on strings. This is what we simply call Musicality in our concept. ZenSati delivers perfect tonal balance across the entire frequency spectrum with maximum respect and fidelity to each recording.
We take great pride in rendering the most accurate sonic experience in whatever system you have. Whether vintage or state of the art, ZenSati offers the sonic prowess to support your setup with the best connection for sonic perfection.

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About Neutrality, Speed and Musicality

Founder and designer Mark Johansen explains our philosophy Neutrality, Speed and Musicality on this short video.
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