With its captivating silvery sheen, ZenSati Cherub is intended for the audio enthusiast in search of astonishing design, with potent and effortless performance, worthy of a place in the system of the most demanding audio enthusiast.

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Surround yourself with stunning silver design and absolute sonic perfection. With its silver-plated copper conductor, ZenSati Cherub is an exceptionally fast and quiet cable that renders music with amazing realism and a brilliance and delicacy that allows cymbals and triangles to shimmer with long, natural decays.


Our research reveals that a pure silver conductor can often alter the acoustic properties of the signal, resulting in subtle, yet perceptible harshness in the upper frequencies, loss of weight and body in the bass range and an overall homogenization of the tonal palette. With the proper combination of copper conductor plated with pure silver, ZenSati Cherub delivers a refreshing, purified feel to complement any system.
All our cables are handcrafted by our professionally trained technicians in Denmark in an assembly process that demands great accuracy and consistency and is constantly being improved.
In addition, we take advantage of direct crimping techniques that ensure closed connection points, while eliminating any distortion. ZenSati Cherub will convey any style of music with unimpeded timbral accuracy and undiminished musical expressiveness.

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