ZenSati #X

As ZenSati proudly celebrates our 10th anniversary at the forefront of the audio cable field, we are pleased and excited to introduce the new, ultimate ZenSati #X flagship range. ZenSati #X bridges the gap between the science of listening and state of the art of ultra-high-end cable craftsmanship and technology. ZenSati #X is dedicated to the specialist and audiophile to assist in the quest for the most magnificent and spectacular music reproduction.

Exclusive gold plated and
ZPM technology

ZenSati #X

Music is so much more than just a recording of instruments and vocalists. The listening experience has extraordinary impact on human behavior and on the mind. It can reduce stress, ease pain, diminish symptoms of depression, as well as improving cognitive and motor skills. For us, music is a source of healing, motivation and inspiration. We express ourselves through music and we wish to provide the opportunity for all Audiophiles and Audio Enthusiasts to experience such deep emotional engagement. ZenSati #X provides the back-bone for High End audio systems in the world, with an extremely fine tonal balance, and the sublime preservation of subtle detail, achieved thanks to our unique construction philosophy.
ZenSati #X towers over all other High End cables, by virtue of its exclusive, proprietary design, combined with our ZMP (ZenSati Memory Position technology), for clean, easy setup in any Audiophile system. Surrender to the extraordinary musical realism, neutrality, and pure, swift signal transmission, that bring order, clarity and cohesion to your listening experience, regardless of musical genre.

Technical Info

The fundamental objective of ZenSati #X has been to produce the absolute best audio cable loom in the world with no limits or restrictions. Due to its massive triple shielding, solid vibration control and highly refined, gold-plated copper conductor, we can proudly state that a complete setup of ZenSati #X is the closest approach to a true-to-life soundstage illusion ever achieved. With accurate time alignment combined with realistic acceleration and decay, ZenSati #X offers a magnificent and truly captivating rendering of the musical event. The humblest two-channel setup will deliver a surprising, natural surround effect, even from Q-Sound recordings.
ZenSati #X is for the specialist and audiophile who refuses to accept any compromise in cable loom and setup.


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