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The silence is intense

ZenSati sILENzIO logo
Experience unrivaled sonic performance with a full loom of ZenSati sILENzIO. As the name suggests, the most important quality of the cable is its sheer silence. Silence that provides an experience of ultra-purity, tonal neutrality and resolute transparency, ensuring extraordinary coherence of music reproduction.
ZenSati sILENzIO logo
ZenSati sILENzIO is for the experienced audiophile who desires the ultimate in sonic excellence. Imagine a sense of presence and musical depth that reveal micro-detail all the way down to the subtlest attack of fingers on strings. With extraordinary clarity and transparency, a full loom of sILENzIO will deliver a heightened sense of authenticity, detail and micro-dynamics, encompassing all frequencies of the sound spectrum.
Not only does the gold and black jacket draw the eye and immediately demand attention, it also provides a smooth, textured feel that exudes luxury and ultra High End quality.

ultimate in sonic excellence

ZenSati sILENzIO logo
ZenSati sILENzIO’s extraordinary qualities have been achieved through many years of research based on our philosophy of Neutrality, Speed and Musicality, along with a singular determination to create the best audio cables in the world.
The unique cable construction is designed with exceptionally heavy shielding and insulation in order to eliminates external noise interference. With its pure silver-plated copper conductors, ZenSati sILENzIO achieves astonishing neutrality in the rendering of micro-nuances and low-level transients.


ZenSati sILENzIO logo


You should be able to experience the tonality and relative placement of voices and instruments clearly and unequivocally. You should be transported across time and space, an eyewitness to the original musical event. Refreshing, exciting, enchanting with all the many facets that the world of music has to offer the ear wholly intact.

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ZenSati sILENzIO logo


Only the very finest materials were sourced for their construction.
Silver, gold, copper, rhodium, Teflon, silk, cotton and many other costly materials have been specified for audible performance as well as long-term reliability.
For cable termination, the exclusive products from Furutech of Japan were selected and our own developed plugs.


We invite everyone to contact us or our distributors to get acquaintanced with sILENzIO cables, for in this way to be able to experience a new insight into replication of music.


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