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It was during the test phase of the ANGEL TOWER from the Conquistar loudspeaker range that I became acquainted with ZenSati’s ZORRO cables ! During the tests, Conquistar didn’t quite come into its own with my cables, yet they were from a good home !?
Mr Jean-Paul Elinck importer of ZenSati Benelux and owner of the company TINGSHA AUDIO who developed and distributed the CONQUISTAR loudspeakers proposed to connect the Zorro. These 2.5m cables did not come out of the package. and immediately surprised with a magical upgrade in sound. After the ANGEL TOWER project was completed, I was lucky that Jean-Paul left me the Zorro to continue on my own installation.
As I have been a “Cable freak” for years, this was gratefully accepted. A little research brought me to the designer MARK JOHANSEN audiophile and music lover a la lettre, which strives for ultimate neutrality with its cable designs, this is its mantra !
The ZenSati impresses with speed and crystal clear signal tranfer. The cable transports signals unhindered and without influence, so that every genre of amplifier or loudspeaker is lifted up to unprecedented heights and pleasant surprises.
I did the test on my reference installation, the 2 monoblocks PIONEER M6 EXLUSIVE 630W at 4 ohms pure Class A and the B&W NAUTILUS 800 D2 loudspeakers. From the large amount of cables with respectable names I have in my house, I have to conclude that none of them come up to the level of the ZenSati, each time you have to establish with the ZenSati that you only now hear what your installation is capable of !
As I normally play in Bi Wire mode, I asked Jean Paul to come by with a 2nd set of cables to go from Single wire to Bi Wire. The result was amazing ! Never had we heard the B&Ws800D2 like this ! We were perplexed and listened with goosebumps.
The missing link was found this cable remains fixed part of the installation. Further tests were done with 2 upgraded MARANTZ MA700 mono blocks and the QUAD 606 MK2 as well as an upgraded VINTAGE HITACHI 8500 MK2 Double mono output stage which thanks to its bias control works for the most part in class A, also the NAD 317 with built-in output stage of measured 200W RMS on 4 ohms were tested on the ZenSati cables each time with amazing results, this cable is a clear improvement at every amplifier.
A good friend of mine with a HighEnd installation recently purchased a MARTIN LOGAN TYPE 11 Electrostat in his 2nd listening room and was less satisfied with his cables. He took the ZenSati with him on trial, it thickened very quickly, the cables stayed with him, he was surprised by the result. If the finances allow it, there is a chance that his main installation will also be provided with these cables.
The price is not for everyone 2710€ for 2,5 m single wired ( 4 separate cables ) = 2 per loudspeaker for single wired – choice banana or Spades connectors
Johansen gives little or no information about the composition of the cables, construction, type of material, diameters of the conductors or any other aspect of design and development remains a factory secret. Only the results count and they are there !
The cables come in a Luxury leather case with the name ZenSati pressed in relief in silver, enforces respect. A certificate with date and check of the production. The cables have a number and an indication of who assembled the cable. A warning to handle the cables with care, e.g. if the cable is bent too short, this will endanger the guarantee. Lifetime guarantee in case of correct use.
Choice of SPADE or BANANA is the same price, choice of the buyer
Always purchase invoice for the guarantee. From tests on the internet ZenSati is always the best of the class compared to other cables see also info on www.ZenSati.com and social media.
TINGSHA AUDIO is always willing to demonstrate the cables on your own installation so that you can have the same experience as I experienced myself.


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