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ZenSati Zorro RCA [demo-old version]

1,172.00 1,330.00  EX. VAT

A set of Zorro RCA  (Old version) demo – (2 pieces of RCA cable per set)
Available in different lengths.

Plugs: Rhodium plated

Sleeve: Flex and High-quality nylon

ZenSati Zorro

“I can’t allow myself to be ordinary!”

These words spoken by the original mystery hero of them all, were the inspiration for ZenSati Zorro. With outstanding performance in A-B tests and the ability to disappear completely in a true musical illusion, ZenSati Zorro breaks all barriers with its astonishing and absolutely crystal-clear signal, allowing the space between voices and instruments to be readily appreciated.

With exceptional attention to aesthetics, ZenSati Zorro is attired in iconic red and black, drawing you into a universe of superlative performance never seen before in its league. ZenSati Zorro ensures any music lover admission to the ultimate emotional pleasure available only from the finest available audio technology. ZenSati has earned a well-deserved global reputation for spectacularly executed tonal integrity, timbral solidity and musical wholeness.

ZenSati Zorro cables consist of twisted, smooth, silver-plated copper conductors, properly insulated and assembled using only the finest materials. Comprehensive materials research has revealed the value of not using a pure silver conductor, as it does not provide an optimal path for signal transmission. In the proper proportions, the combination of copper, plated with a solid layer of pure silver, ensures ideal conditions for unimpeded signal transmission.


ZenSati Zorro